1. Rules

    - Hobby
    - Pre-professional

    Age categories for hobby
    - 4 years category
    - 5-6 years category
    - 7-9 years category
    - 10-12 years category
    - 13-15 years category
    - 16-19 years category - 19+ years category

    Age categories for pre-professional
    - 4 years
    - 7-9 years
    - 10-12 years
    - 13-15 years category
    - 16-19 years category
    - 19+ years category

    Dance sections:
    - Section 1 - Ballet
    - Section 2 - Contemporary/Jazz
    - Section 3 - Jazz
    - Section 4 - Lyrical
    - Section 5 - Show Dance
    - Section 6 - Open
    - Section 7 - Character Dance
    - Section 8 - National Folklore
    - Section 9 - International Folklore
    - Section 10 - Etno Stylized
    - Section 11 - Tap Dance
    - Section 12 - Latino/Salsa/Bachata
    - Section 13 - Street Dance
    - Section 14 - Mtv
    - Section 15 - Acro Dance
    - Section 16 - Gymnastic Aerobic
    - Section 17 - Gymnastic Rythmic
    - Section 18 - Cheerleaders
    - Section 19 - Production/Thematic Dance
    - Section 20 - Modern Dance
    - Section 21 - Neoclasic

    Choreographic genres:
    - The Ist Section of the competition is destined to the lovers of classic ballet, who can participate with variations of the universal repertoire of romantic ballet, or with their own original creations. The usage of pointes ballet shoes is allowed only for dancers with the minimum age of 10 and will be judged in I.S special category, both in the hobby division, as well as in the pre-professional division, starting with Aspirant B.
    - In the IInd Section, Contemporary/Modern Dance, may register choreographies that access modern dancing techniques belonging to the beginning of the 20th century (Martha Graham, Merce Cunningham, Jose Limon etc.) or contemporary dancing techniques (contemporary, modern dance, dance-theatre etc.). There can be registered original creations, as well as fragments within the universal ballet repertoire.
    - In the IIIrd Section, Lyrical/Jazz, are accepted choreographies based on mixed techniques from classical dancing, contemporary, modern or jazz, trending the usage of lyrical music (with text); the literary message can be the inspiration for the choreographies’ ethos, but there can also be used instrumental music.
    - The IVth Section is dedicated to folklore-inspired dances. In this section is allowed participation for character dance pieces from known romantic ballet, creations that respect the manner of codifying of academic dance, or ethno-styled choreographies that transform in a personal way the specific elements of national dances through mixed techniques (ethno-pop, ethno-jazz etc.)
    - The Vth Section is destined to show-dance. This genre allows the mixing of several techniques or choreographic languages, the existence of a story, usage of acrobatic elements, props or other elements that help creating an idea, characters, states etc.
    - The VIth Section brings to light the genre of Broadway shows, cabaret, music-hall, jazz, all styles that were once present in revues and musical theaters.
    - In the VIIth Section, called Open, will be allowed to compete choreographic pieces that cannot be enclosed in one of the other sections, for being devised in an original choreographic language, or based on mixed techniques.
    - The VIIIth Section is meant for Urban Style / B-Boying / MTV Commercial. - The Acrodance.

    a) solo
    b) duo / trio
    c) small group: quartet / qvintet
    d) grup: 6-12 dancers
    e) formation: for more than 13 dancers

    The time limit for the choreographies is:
    - maximum 2:30 min. for solo
    - maximum 3 min. for duo / trio
    - maximum 4 min. for groups and formations
    It is allowed a maximum 10 seconds delay, without penalties. Passing this delay will attract penalties.

    - Music will be uploaded in .mp3 format
    - The competitors must have a backup for music in the competition day: USB drive or CD with only one mp3 track, imprinted on it and on cover with name of institution, name of choreography, category, and P (if starting from pose) or M (if starting on music).

    Judging system:
    - The jury is made of qualified people, with experience in the choreographic area.
    - The jury will give marks from 1 to 10, according to the following criterion: technical qualities of the dancers (40%), choreographic composition and structure (30%), originality and stage image (20%), by default 10%. The final grade for every choreography will be the general average of the grades from each judge.
    - The jury’s decision cannot be disputed.
    - The jury is allowed to transfer the choreographies that were incorrectly registered in a category, without penalties. Any transfers will be announced and displayed before the awarding ceremony.

    Separately for each dance section and group category:
    - "Crystal Swan" Trophy
    - Ist Place
    - IInd Place
    - IIIrd Place
    - Mentions

    Special prizes:
    - feminine interpretation award,
    - male interpretation award,
    - choreographic creation award,
    - pedagogy in the dance field award,
    - stage image award,
    - costume award
    The following will be awarded: diplomas, medals, trophies, vouchers, cash prizes, gold jewelry, sponsors' prizes, qualifications without the participation fee for the Eurodans International Choreographic Art Competition that will take place in May 2024

    - For registration, create an online account on https://lebadadecristal.rdcp.ro/ and fill up the required fields. Uploading the music for each moment is mandatory.
    - The registration is validated after all the data is introduced in the registration platform, the registration fee is paid and the start permission is confirmed by email.
    - The age category for each participant will be set according to the dancer’s age in years and months (e.g. 11.4) or the group’s average age in years and months (e.g. 13.7). After introducing the dancers’ birthdates in the registration platform, the age will be set automatically.
    - The competitors may register at only one of the two divisions, hobby and pre-professional, certifying the correctness based on a professional statement.
    - The competitors that study dance in their free time, for 2-6 hours/week, will register in the hobby section.
    - State vocational schools or other schools, studios, private clubs or participants that study intensively one or more choreographic disciplines (more than 8 hours/week) must register in a distinct section called pre-professional.
    - The use of pointe ballet shoes is allowed in the classic dance section starting with the age of 10, in a special distinct section called I.S.
    - The organizers ensure professional technical conditions for stage space, sound and light. Stage dimensions: 12 m width, 10 m depth.
    - Small stage props are allowed. The organizers are not responsible for any technical maneuvers included in the choreography

    General rules:
    - The schedule will be announced by the organizers 3 days before the competition, and displayed backstage.
    - If there are dancers that are competing in more than one section and require supplementary time, send a request to the organizers from the contact form
    - A dancer can represent a maximum number of two institutions, but with different choreographies. A dancer representing an institution may register with two choreographies, but only the choreography with the greater mark will count for the final ranking
    - During the competition, the competitors must be present backstage 5 moments before entering the stage.
    - Every person that will have access in the institution must respect competitive discipline rules, have an adequate behavior that will not lead to physical or moral injuries to any competitor within the event.
    - Access in the institution is free for public
    - Access to the stage and backstage is limited, allowed only for dancers and coordinators (teacher, coach, maximum 2 parents for a group / formation)
    - Photographing and filming the dancers during the competition is strictly forbidden. There is a certified company from which photos / videos can be acquired by those interested.

    The registration deadline is
    05 april 2024

  2. Entry Fees

    Participation fee:
    - 75 RON / dancer / dance, for group / formation / quartet / quintet
    - 90 RON / dancer / dance, for duo / trio
    - 130 RON / solo / dance

  3. Where to pay

    RO06 RNCB 0465 1523 5484 0001
    Zahariuc Robert-Mihael PFA

    ON PAYMENT - PAYER NAME, CNP/CUI of the PAYER and id's of the payed dance routines from the platform.
    Contest fees are the entry fee for one child and one entry.

  4. Location

    National Children's Palace Bucharest, bd. Tineretului 8-10 Bucuresti 040353