Born in Turin, she began ballet classes at school. Direct ballet by Perti Virtanen, then moved to Paris at the Académie de Paris, conducted by Classique Gilbert Mayer (maître à l'Opera de Paris) and specializes Academy directed by Liliane Harlen at the Centre Salle Playelle. She completed her academic studies at the Hungarian State Ballet Institute in Budapest directed by Imre Dosza. Collaborating with choreographers such Tierri Malandaine, Germinal Casado, Joseph Albano, Dinko Bogdanic, Kenneth von Heidecke, Miljenco Sparemblek, Marianne Fuchus, Patricia Neary, Marcello Algeri.


Graduate of the High School of Choreography, George Enescu, Bucharest, 1992
Graduate of the National University of Theater and Cinematographic Art "I.L. Caragiale ”, choreography section - Bucharest, 2001
Distinguished with the Cultural Merit as a Knight by the President of Romania, 2004, in Vienna.
First soloist of the Bucharest National Opera since 1993
Soloist at Landestheater Salzburg (Austria) in 2002 and 2005
Returned as first soloist at the Bucharest National Opera in 2007
Since December 2017 he is the ballet coordinator at the Ion Dacian Opera and Muscial Theater


Artistic director "Regional Dance Arts Foundation" Ancona - Italy.
Director of the company "Vis Balet"
Performs over 100 dance productions for F.R.A.D and VisBallet Company.
From 2010 to today: Artistic Director of the "Dance Art Competition", "International Dance Summit"
She is currently signing choreographies for VisBallet. It also organizes conferences, competitions, professional courses, reviews and a dance festival.


Representative of the Official Summer Program for Europe, of the Vaganova Ballet Academy in St. Petersburg, an event organized in close collaboration with the International Department of the Academy.
She studied classical dance in Italy, her native country and perfected in Paris and the United States.
She graduated from ISTD in London as a classical dance teacher, Cecchetti method, graduated from the Faculty of Arts in Pisa, Italy, numerous in-depth studies on Vaganova methodology with Professor Marit Bech, former principal director of the Oslo Opera. Acquired certificates recognized by the Accademia dei Popoli del Mondo, UNESCO and the International Dance Council.